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Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself My name is Mariël. I’m 30 years old, married to Jurgen and mother to son Roan and daughter Jinthe.
My love for dogs started in 2012 when we got our first Beagle, Luca.
I fell in love with the breed and over the years, more Beagles came into our lives.
A dream came true when our first litter of puppies was born in 2017. Since then, I get to enjoy a beautiful litter of Beagle puppies every year. I feel that good health and character are the most important aspects in the breeding of dogs, so I take great care in the selection of the parent combinations.
Once the puppies have been born, I invest a lot of time in the most important socialisation period which starts very soon after their birth. Good socialisation during the first eight weeks reduces the risk of behavioural problems later in life by as much as 50%.
There is always a chance that a dog develops behavioural problems, even after good socialisation.
Take my dog Tess, for instance. She was very scared of other dogs and used to bark all the time to get them to go away.
Calling her or trying to redirect her focus with a treat never worked. I couldn’t connect with her. I didn’t know what to do with her.
In my search for a behavioural specialist, I ran into Riet. She introduced me to a whole world of possibilities in the treatment of dog behaviour. I found my passion and have now turned it into my job! I studied with Riet Ottenhof and joined her in the field, which has taught me so much. This, coupled with my years of experience as a Beagle owner and breeder, have given me a lot of knowledge that I hope to share with many dog owners to enable them to have a good and relaxed relationship with their dogs.

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How I work

How I work My aim is to get you and your dog (back) together as a team. I don’t use dominance or force. My foundation is trust and calmness. This creates a pleasurable working environment which makes the dog wanting to work with you and having fun in doing so. For my consultations I shall come to your home, because that’s where the problem has arisen. I need to see and analyse the situation at your home so we can tackle the core of the problem. What usually happens at dog training classes is that the dog can’t cope with all the external stimuli. Not all dogs react in the same way, some can cope better than others. I understand that it can be very frustrating for an owner if the dog hasn’t learnt enough during the formal training. That’s where I come in! I can give you and your dog my undivided attention and together we can make an individual training plan for your dog. In this I will do my best to provide a calm and safe environment for the dog. Experience has shown that this will benefit the learning experience of the dog most and at the same time give you, the owner, the opportunity to learn how to react to the dog’s behaviour.