Behaviour consultation

Unwanted behaviour

Jumping up to people, barking, restless or agitated behaviour at home or not being able to be at home alone. These are just a few examples of unwanted problematic behaviour. It may start out as being annoying, but often it won’t stop by itself which can make you feel more and more short-fused and frustrated. This can end up in a negative vicious circle which impacts the entire family. Please don’t hesitate to call me. I can help!

What to expect?

When I get to your home, we will first talk about what kind of problem behaviour your dog is displaying and what goal(s) you would like to achieve. Then we will explore the possible reason(s) and get to work at achieving the set goal(s). We will start by creating a calm and trusting environment to gain (back) the trust of your dog. This will help us to work towards a good (working) relationship between you and your dog. It is important to me to include the entire family in the consultations. If there are any children in the family, I will spend extra time and attention on them so I can teach them the best way to interact with the dog.

All consultations are made to measure for you and your dog. The basis of all consultations is always the same: using a calm, trusting environment focussed on working together with your dog.

We are often able to get the result we want within one consultation. If this doesn’t happen, we may decide to start a route with more consultations.

Duration: 2 – 2,5 hours per consultation (we won’t be working with the puppy all the time)
Location: at your home in The Netherlands and/ or in Belgium
Price: depends on the location of your home

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