puppy guidance

Give your puppy the best start

A good start may prevent behavioural problems

What does the puppy guidance course look like?

The puppy guidance course consists of at least four consultations at your home. No matter what kind of socialisation your puppy has had in its first eight weeks of life. I will help and support you in raising your puppy. In order to start from the basic needs of your puppy, the first consultation will be in the first week after you have brought your puppy home. The next consultations will follow a few weeks apart unless we decide otherwise together. The most important things to establish in the first few weeks are a calm, clean and structured environment. This may sound old fashioned, but like a baby, a puppy needs clear rules and boundaries. It’s what its mother provided for them too. During the consultations we will work together, both indoors as well as outside. I think it’s important to get the entire family involved in the training. Special attention will be given to any children to teach them how to interact with and treat the puppy. I will always tailor the consultations and training to your family’s situation and the puppy’s needs. Always using a calm, trusting environment focussed on working together with your dog.

Duration: 1,5-2 hours per consultation (we won’t be working with the puppy all the time)
at your home in The Netherlands and/ or in Belgium
depends on the location of your home

What can you expect

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