Consultation on dog walking

Consultation on dog walking

Having a relaxed walk with your dog Does your dog pull on the leash which makes you wonder who is walking who? Or you may even have physical complaints because of the pulling. Or does your dog bark at other people or things during the walk. There could be many reasons for not being able to have a normal and relaxed walk with your dog. For instance, did you know that your dog feels your tension which can make him adopt problematic behaviour. Please don’t hesitate and contact me. I can help you to have nice and calm walks with your dog (again). A walk should be something to look forward to.

What to expect during a consultation on dog walking
* we will assess the behaviour of your dog on a walk
* we will examine/ explore possible reasons for the behaviour
* we will look at your influence on the dog’s behaviour
* we will be working at getting a better relationship and interaction with your dog

All consultations are made to measure and specific for you and your dog. The basis of all consultations is always the same: using a calm, trusting environment focussed on working together with your dog.

We are often able to get the result we want within one consultation

Duration: 1- 1,5 hours per consultation
at your home in The Netherlands and/ or in Belgium
Price: depends on the location of your home

Please be advised: If the dog also shows problematic behaviour outside the walks, I shall advise a behaviour consultation to give me enough time to assess and help you through all the problems. Please don’t hesitate to call me for information or if you have any questions.

even with a Beagle is a relaxed walk possible



I use my own leashes during training, this allows me to make more contact with the dog. I sell these lines in combination with a walking consultation. During the consultation we will see what suits you and your dog best.